China's iPhone Market Continues to Grow

As China becomes more and more economically developed, the country's demand for hi-tech consumer goods seems to grow exponentially. While western companies have profited majorly from this, Chinese firms like China Mobile have made their way into the Chinese market, giving consumers in the area several options when looking to buy an iPhone.

What was Prohibition in the U.S.?

The Prohibition in the United States was a national ban on the manufacturing, sale, and transportation of alcohol. The Prohibition lasted from 1920 until 1933. The ban took effect with the Eighteenth Amendment and was eventually repealed by the Twenty-first Amendment. The Prohibition did not make private ownership and consumption illegal. There was little enforcement of the new laws, and it created corruption in the United States.

Latest Updates for Kindle for iOS and AT&T U-verse Released

AT & T U-verse subscribers will be able to view additional channels while users of Kindle for iOS will now get an updated version of their reading app following their releases on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

Customers of AT&T U-verse will now get to access and enjoy new content via WatchESPN and Fox Now, after their apps have been updated to support U-verse.

Sports buffs have long been looking forward to WatchESPN’s new update. Its version 1.6.6 offered optimizations, bug fixes and most importantly, AT & T U-verse compatibility.

Talking Straight on Cellular Plans with Straight Talk

Straight Talk, a top cellular phone provider, has several mobile plans to fit any client. Straight Talk happens to be a division of TracFone Wireless. Straight Talk has many, cellular plans to decide upon, such as absolutely no commitment plans. As an added bonus, Straight Talk is available at most Wal-Mart retailers and also on the web.

All About FiOS by Verizon

Verizon FiOS is a fiber optic network which provides services for cable television, high speed internet and residential telephone service. People can easily bundle these together in order to save money, and there are usually coupons out there each online and in outlets. Offers come about frequently as well, and then there could possibly be low cost introductory options at a great deal. A well-known FiOS promotion for first time Verizon customers is often a money card, which may range between $100 to $150 depending on which deal customers pick.

What is Beer?

Beer is considered to be the most popular alcoholic beverage produced in the world. It is made through a process of brewing grains mixed with sugar, water, and yeast. The most common ingredients used in the making of beer are malted cereal grains. Hops are commonly used as a flavoring to add bitterness to the beer. They can also act as a preservative as well.

The Rise of the Microbrewery in America

Long before Miller, Budweiser and Coors took over the majority of the beer market, the American beer landscape was dominated by microbreweries. This dominance came to an abrupt end due to prohibition back in the 1920s. Once microbrewies were unable to sell their modest output of local brew, they were driven out of business, and many were unable or unwilling to start over again once prohibition was repealed.